Founder’s Corner: Spring, Nature, Ramadan, Zakat: Move forward with Covid-19

Dr Emdad Khan.

Alhamdu Lillah temperatures are getting better, we are feeling warmer, and see bright sunny days forward.

In nature we see visible changes, snow melted, with rain dead earth is revived. Soon we will see plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables.

Ramadan is coming, only a few weeks away. Alhamdu Lillah this year Ramadan also in spring and the long fasting days are gone!

Unfortunately, we see new variants of Covid-19, specially, UK, Brazil and South African variants accounts for more than 50% of new covid-19 cases. Few more changes are visible, it is affecting the younger generation, 50% or more cases are for people under 50.

People have become more tolerant to covid-19, during the second wave and 2nd locked down compared to first wave and first locked down.

Good news, we have four different approved Covid-19 vaccines. We expect by April – May 2021, more and more people will be vaccinated.

Life moves on, WHO is predicting Covid-19 is changing from epidemic to endemic, like other diseases, it is going to stay with us for at least  one more year, Spring 2022.

Still, some  brothers and sisters are worried to come to prayer places. Although they are comfortable to go to groceries and shopping malls.

We have been going to masjids regularly after 1st locked down since mid June 2021. Masjids are following Ottawa health guidelines, 2-meter social distance, face masks, hand sanitization.

Good news: We see Isha prayer at snmc, masjid is full and also in community hall a few lines, on average over 150, at Fajr masjids is also full, on average around 100. We see in Jumah three shifts, masjid, community hall and basement, sisters floor all full, about 1,500 in three shifts.

We request all brothers and sisters to think of attending masjids from now and during Ramadan as well. Masjids are safer than other places.

We are in the month of Shaban and what is our own plan for fasting, sadaqa for needy and orphans and learning and teaching the Quran.

Let us have a plan and strategy in each:  Praying at masjid, Fasting, Spring, Quran, Supporting needy and orphans.

Zakat means to grow and purify. So, let us give the 2.5% of our own hard-earned wealth to needy and orphans to purify our own wealth, protect from calamities and get reward from Allah swt.

Let us split our zakat into three parts: a) own relatives, b) local needy and c) orphans and needy. If we donate for needy and orphan’s education, it serves double purpose, purifies our wealth, and also becomes sadqa -e-jaria.

May Allah swt give us barakah in each and every thing we do and also put sincerity in our action. Ameen