This festival of Eid is observed in every community where Muslims reside.

On the days of Eid, Muslims are recommended especially in the Canadian Muslim community, to do the following:

1.To forgive each other for shortcomings in dealings with each other. Please start with the members of the family!

2.To prepare the gifts for the children,

3.To visit relatives and friends (or call them),

4.To visit one another,

5.To exchange the gifts among themselves,

6.To visit sick people in their homes or hospitals, etc.

7.To open the door to their neighbours of other faith traditions or those who do not ascribe themselves to any faith.

During the season of Hajj and the days of Eid, it is recommended that we remember the following:

Remember that there are many Muslims and people of other traditions in Canada and your locality who need your help.

Remember that even your own neighbors, whether they are Muslims or non-Muslims do need your support in different ways.

Remember that there are millions of Muslims all over the world who need your help, your support and your du’as.

Remember your relatives and support them.

For Eid, try to visit each other on these blessed days.

Try to visit sick people in their homes and in the hospitals.

Try to organize Eid dinners among yourselves.

For children, try to give them all beauties of Eid: buy them gifts, take them out, make some kind of innocent entertainment for them that they can feel proud of having such a great celebration not thinking of all other celebration which they are served.

Remember that your mission in this part of the world is to educate yourselves, help yourselves that you can be able to help all others around yourselves starting from your family, relatives, community, neighbors and the community at large.

Remember that it is up to you to change the image of Islam and Muslims in Canada!