Founder’s Corner: Dr. Emdad Khan

Zamzam and Hajar (Hagar) AHS, the Community Builder

Dr Emdad Khan

Zamzam spring/well has a tremendous history. It shows Hajar AHS and prophet Ismail AHS were two giant community builders and founders of the world’s greatest and most sacred city, Makkah.

At the command of the Most Merciful, Prophet Ibraheem AHS left Hajar AHS with her infant son, Ismail AHS in the desert valley of Makkah at that time, where no human habitation existed.

When water ran out, she, instead of sitting idle or crying or complaining, made exemplary efforts, in Arabic, Sayee. As a sign of love by mother, she was running seven times between Safa and Marwa hills looking for water or a passing caravan and was also keeping an eye on her son. In the middle of the two hills as her son was out of sight, not visible, she would run faster.

Allah swt liked her efforts and now after thousands of years, as part of Hajj ritual everyone performing Hajj or Umrah, must run seven times between the two hills, called Sayee (Effort).

Not only that, but midway between the two hills as nowadays, indicated by a set of green lights, everyone must imitate her and run a bit faster between the two lights, where she was not able to see her son.

We know Allah swt made the spring to pop up suddenly at the feet of infant Prophet Ismail and seeing so much water, she fill-up up whatever pots he had and uttered Zam and Zam and the water stopped flowing.

Now, every year, millions of Hujjaz all the year-round drink its water and take it home. It is still flowing and full.  Also, if anyone drinks its water in standing position, with any intention, Insha’Allah the most Merciful will accept the Dua and Prayer.

Now let us ponder the efforts/Sayee of Hajar AHS. How problems bring new opportunities. She did not cry or sit idle or complain why we were left alone in a desert with no human habitation. She made efforts and looked for water. And Allah swt rewarded by popping up a spring under the feet of infant prophet Ismail AHS.

That was the starting of Makkah. Birds started coming overhead and the traders passing by saw birds overhead there and thought water was there. Some stopped to collect water and some with permission of Hajar AHS, started to live there. But she was the leader of the community and controlled the zamzam well. Gradually, the hilly desert valley took the shape of the most sacred city of the world.

Later Prophet Ibrahim AHS visited a few times. He at one time wanted to sacrifice Prophet Ismail AHS based on a dream.  Allah swt tested but did not let Prophet Ismail AHS to be sacrificed and now it became mandatory for us to sacrifice animals as love of God. Shaitan provoked them three times and that also became part of Hajj ritual, to reject shaitan by throwing stones in 3three places

Another occasion Ibrahim AHS and son Ismail AHS together rebuilt the Kaaba originally built by Prophet Adam, where every day every Muslim five times face to wards Kaabaa to pray. We visit to perform Hajj and Umrah. Legend say, Ibraheem AHS called Azan, who ever responded by saying Labbayek, are able to perform Hajj.

Here Allah swt brought us as immigrants and children of immigrants in Canada. We have now an opportunity for all of us to establish Islamic practices here and build house of God and build Muslim community.