Founder’s Column: Interaction with God as we read the Quan

Think of when we go for a job interview or go to a court   in front of a judge, how humble, and careful we are. We are very attentive and listen with utmost devotion and answer very politely.

So let us Interact with the Quran as we Read:

Interact with the Quran , it is from our creator, the master of day of judgement , He sees us, hears us and listen to us.  He answers to us and knows our problems and has the solution.

God addresses us directly, through His Messenger. Every word in the Qur’an is meant for us., conversing with God. Let our heart become alive and respond, our tongue expresses in words the appropriate response. Tears in our Eyes: joy or of fear, Reading the Qur’an with Tartil. Purify ourselves as much as we can, Seeking God’s Help (Du’a’)

Dr. Emdad Khan