Children of Age 7 and above can join Daily Prayers

Assalamu Aliekum,
With the feedback from the community, SNMC management has now decided to allow children of age 7 and above for daily prayers.

These children must always be with parent – come, pray and leave with the parent. They maintain 6ft distance from others and stay in their designated spots

This is to ensure COVID-19 protocols during prayers.

We are working on Tarawee / Ramadaan prayer logistics as we speak, will post further information as soon as we have one.

Please note: Same Covid-19 protocol / access rules applies to children as well.
They need:
1) Their own QR Code. Get one at
2) Full Size Prayer Mat
3) Face Mask
4) With Wudu (no washroom facilities at SNMC at the moment)
5) Bag for shoes (as and when needed).