SNMC Vision: Family Counselling

When we as new immigrants come to Canada, we face a number of challenges, children school, and adaptation, getting our degrees and expertise counted and knowing Canada job market and getting a job, knowing people in our neighborhood, knowing shopping and banking, knowing where to find a masjid, knowing diverse Muslims.

All these challenges are new and we must learn to adapt. For this reason, our masjids, should think of providing women family counselor and youth coordinator.

Time to time, we get questions for youths and call form sisters. They are shy to ask to make imam. We need to respect diversity and sensitivity. We need to think out of box to hire a qualified female counsellor, and Ottawa has trained female counsellor. Same way need get young energetic youth counsellor who can understand and be friend of the youths. If we go to our masjid we see hardly any youths or we hardly see our sisters in masjids.

In prophet masjid youths and sisters were visibly present as the brothers.

We need to adapt and get female counsellor and youth counsellor, we will see more sisters, mothers and youths will come to masjid. We nee dot revive sister centric and youth centric programs and activities.