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SNMC Vision: Identity and Visibility of Muslims in Ottawa-Gatineau Area

In this article, I like to highlight the progress of Ottawa- Gatineau Muslims identity and visibility from 1996 to 2018.

Compared to 1996, Muslims are well organized as institutions, programs, and activities today. In 2016, Muslims under UMO-OG (United Muslim Organizations -Ottawa- Gatineau) had a reception in Parliament with 20 elected federal Muslim MPs and half a dozen federal ministers. In return, 30 federal MPs Ramadan hosted a multicultural iftar event for over 600 Muslims in parliament in the same year. Also, Muslims under UMO-OG organized the ILEAD (Islam Learn Engage Achieve and Develop) conference with 3,000 attendees.


Politicians at all levels attended events organized by different Muslim organizations and masjids; indicating growing influence of Muslims in politics and elections.

In addition, Halal food items are available in all major mainstream groceries and hijab-clad Muslim women are visible in workplaces, shops, bus, trains, schools, colleges, and universities. Further, private, high tech, business, govt institutions, and airports are starting to provide Muslim praying places.