Arabic Sister Halqa (Every Wednesday)

SNMC Sisters is pleased to offer a Halaqa in Arabic.

  • Where: SNMC women’s prayer area at 3020 Woodroffe Ave.
  • Time: 12:45PM-2:00PM
  • When: Every Wednesday

Program Details: Lectures in Arabic about purification of the heart, the names of Allah, hadiths and other topics

No registration required


Islam & The World (Nov. 10)


Sister Sharing Circle

ūüíĖTruly only in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find peaceūüíĖ

WHAT: Sisters Sharing Circle

WHEN: Fridays after isha (8:15pm-9:30pm)

Assalam We Aleikum,

SNMC is making a space available for sisters to gather after isha in the Basement Hall A (alternatively the library behind the gym) to share short islamic reflections, get to know one another, and create a support system for sisters especially those new to the community.

Sisters are welcome to bring tea/coffee and small snacks to share if they wish.


Imam’s Corner: Daily Inspiration by Imam Delic


Toddler Taekwondon: Ages 3-5

SNMC invites you to attend Toddler Taekwondo. Age 3 to 5.

Your child will learn the core principles of Taekwondo, including basic stances, kicks, blocks, and forms.

This program will be guided by experienced black belt instructor, master Ali.

Limited spots, first come first serve.

Registration opens November 3 at 7 pm.


Toddler Boxing: Ages 3-5

SNMC invites you to attend Toddler Boxing for Age 3 to 5.

This program will be an introduction including fundamental techniques of boxing, proper stance, footwork, punches, and defensive moves.

This program will be led by instructor Wahab.

Limited spots, first come first serve.

Registration opens November 3 at 7 pm


Toddler Playtime with Parents: Ages 0-6

SNMC invites you to attend toddler playtime with parents.

This program will be free play for children ages 0-6.

The program has 2 halls, sisters will be on one side and brothers on the other side and the children will roam freely.

Selecting a program time preference in no way guarantees the timing; we will try our best to accommodate preferred times but may not be able to.

Limited spots, first come first serve.

Registration opens Friday Nov 3 at 7 pm.


Alhuda School of Special Needs Children

SNMC Alhuda School is planning to have a weekly basic Islamic Studies class for Special Needs Children.

  • First Day of School: Saturday, Nov. 11, 2023
  • Duration: 6 weeks, from Sat. Nov 11 to Sat., Dec. 16, 2023
  • Time: 12:30 ‚Äď 2:30 pm
  • Location: SNMC Mosque basement, 3020 Woodroffe Ave., Nepean
  • Fee: $50 per child for 6 weeks.

Registration will open on Monday, Oct. 30, 2023 at 7 pm, inshaa Allah.

Please follow the following link to fill up the registration form:

Limited spots, first come first serve.

Please note that filling up this form does not guarantee your child a spot in the class.

We will send an email confirmation of the registration which include instructions on how to make the fee payment. If you do not receive the email confirmation, then your child is in the waiting list.

Any questions can be emailed to:


Girls & Boys Soccer – 15 Weeks Program

SNMC Youth is pleased to offer 15 weeks Soccer Program for Boys and Girls

  • When:¬†Nov 7th¬†to¬†Feb 27th, 2024
  • Time (Ages 2-4): 5:00PM-5:40PM, Tuesdays
  • Time (Ages 4-5): 5:45PM-6:30PM, Tuesdays
  • Where: SNMC Gym at 3020 Woodroffe Ave.
  • Cost: $50
  • Program Details:¬†Developmental

Please sign up using the following link:

Registration starts on Wednesday, Nov 01, 2023, at 7:00PM

Limited spots, first come first served.

No soccer during holidays ‚Äď Dec 26, 2023, and Jan 02, 2024


Sisters Fall Hiking Adventures (Oct. 28)

As-salamu Alaikum!
SNMC Youth & HMA are excited to present Sisters Fall Hiking Adventures

Join us on a new adventure where sisters connect with each other, building bonds while being active! Bring a sister or a friend. Snacks and refreshments will be provided.

  • When: Saturday, October 28th
  • Where: Jack Pine Trail, Moodie Dr, Nepean, ON K2R 1H4
  • Who: Girls 13+
  • Meet up: 3:45 pm, hiking starts at 4:15 pm

Registration is required, limited spots, first come first starved

Registration starts on Wednesday at 7 pm.

Note: Please dress accordingly to weather and wear appropriate footwear! Do not forget to bring water & sunscreen!

If you have any questions:
Email: or
Instrgram: snmcyouth