SNMC Annual Quran Competition and BBQ

SNMC Annual Quran Competition and BBQ on Friday April 19, 2019:

BBQ will start at 11:00 AM .

Quran Recitation Competition:

Quran Competition will occur from 3:00pm in the main prayer hall.

Details are indicated below:

Groups: There are four groups of participants as follows

  • Group 1: Age 6-8, Second Half of Juz’a 30, starting from Surah # 87 to the end (#114)
  • Group 2: Age 9-11, All Juz’a 30
  • Group 3: Age 12-15, Juz’a 29-30
  • Group 4: All ages, last Quarter of Quran from Surah #36 to the end (Surah 114)

Boys and Girls:  There is no distinction between boys and girls for the Quran competition.  Participants will be assigned to one of the four groups and will be evaluated by the same panel of Judges.

Rules of the competition:

  1. All participants will recite in front of the panel of judges in the main prayer hall.
  2. Each participant will recite from three different surah’s that are not necessarily the beginning of a surah. These surah’s will be assigned randomly for each participant and specified by the judges.
  3. Each participant will be scored on a scale of 1 to 20, which is composed of two scores each is out of 10:
  • Good memorization. Each mistake causes a loss of 1 point.
  • Tajweed: Each mistake in tajweed causes a loss of 1 point.

For registration, please follow the link: