Updated Prayer Registration Information

Starting Sunday, January 3, SNMC will release the prayers’ spots every two days.

In order to make things easier and give more people the ability to pray at the masjid at least once every two days, SNMC has made the following improvement in the system:

Every daily prayer is grouped with the same daily prayer of the following day.

You can still book spots for more than one daily prayer. So for example, you can book for Fajr, Zuher and Isha on the same day or over the two grouped days, but you cannot book at the same time Fajr for the next day and the day that follows.

We would like to remind the community that if you book a spot and then you find out that you will not be able to use it, please release it so that someone else can grab it and pray at the masjid.

We are constantly improving the booking system and the way the prayers are organized. Please be patient with us. We ask Allah to help and guide us.

We would like to thank our software developer volunteers for their continuous work to make matters easier for the mousaleen and more manageable on the ground. Jazakoum Allah khairan.