Tiny and Giant

By Dr. Emdad Khan

We have all seen ants and elephants.

What is the uniqueness in these two creations of the Almighty.

An ant is tiny living being while an elephant is giant living being.

An elephant weighs million-times more in weight than an ant. That is the uniqueness of God’s creations

We have two surahs in the Quran, the ant, and the elephant.

The AL Rahman stated in surah the elephant, how He protected His house, the sacred Kaaba in Makkah from the elephants of Abraha with tiny stones using tiny birds.

He stated in the surah the ant, when the leader of the tiny ants was advising the ants to protect themselves from the forces of prophet Sulaiman AHS.

If we look around we will see His Creations as signs to ponder and then make sajdah, and glorify Him and be humble on earth, not arrogant like Iblis Shaitan.

With Salaam and Regards