The First Goal of Muslim Homes – Maintain a Healthy Islamic Environment in our Homes! (Parenting-Part 2)

A Moment with Our Prophet, Muhammad (S)

By Imam Zijad Delic

Day 235


Abu Huraira (r) narrated that the Prophet (S) reminded us of the people who will be in the shade of the Creator on the Day when the other shade will not be and among them is “a youth who grew up in the worship of Allah.”

وَشَابٌّ نَشَأَ بِعِبَادَةِ اللَّهِ

Source: Bukhari, Muslim

Transliteration: “Shabbun Nasha’a Fi ‘Ibadatillahi ‘Azza Wa Jall.”

As parents, we should maintain as much as possible a pure Islamic atmosphere in our homes so that our children are raised as individuals who know, recognize and worship the Creator…the children who will be aware of the Creator wherever they are!

If children see their parents neglecting required Islamic obligations such as Salat (prayer), Siyam (fasting) or Akhlaq (noble behavior), they will inevitably experience serious problems in trying to reconcile their traditional faith practices with societal norms in a predominantly secular “outside” world.

Consequently, they will come to believe one of two things:

  1. a) that Islam itself has no meaning in their lives or
  2. b) that their parents are hypocrites since there is a huge gap in what they say and what they do.

After all, they can hardly be expected to mature as practicing Muslims if their parents do not set a positive example – faithful believers who live their Islam daily in all life activities.

It is both unrealistic and unfair to send children to Islamic schools or Islamic classes where they will learn about their spiritual obligations in the classroom and mosque, only to go home and find that their parents do not encourage them and do not practice their faith traditions themselves.

Nor is it enough for parents to simply follow Islamic obligations as mechanical rituals imported from their places of origin without really understanding the purposes of those obligations.

If, however, parents approach their Islamic obligations wholly in the spirit of faith within the given context where we live now (Canadian realities), children will come to understand from a very young age that Islam is a very serious matter to their parents and thus should be important in their lives as well.

If rightly guided by the first mentors, children will grow up, by absorbing their parents’ Islamic attitudes concerning spirituality (prayers, the Qur’an, etc.) as well as towards food, money, clothes, manners, leisure-time activities, entertainment and friendships.

This understanding of Islam and its practices becomes an essential part of their life- experience that basic Islamic principles are woven into the fabric of daily family dynamics and nothing could be excluded from it.

All of Islam matter!

As our relationship with the Creator is important, our taking care of ourselves, besides spiritually, also ethically, emotionally, socially and physically, matters as well.

As our prayers matter, our mu’amalat (human relations and interactions) matter, too!

When parents create such a healthy environment for their kids at home, does not matter how strong winds will blow from outside, the walls of the homes are strong enough and will be able to protect the children from any danger!

Ya Allah! Guide us to maintain our faith in our lives and help us to guide our children toward the same goal!

Allahumma Amin!