SNMC Vision: SNMC as a diverse and inclusive centre

Bilal from Habash, Salman Farsi form Iran, and Shoaib Rumi from Roman were all parts of Islam at the beginning of the time with Prophet Muhammed (PBUH).

Unfortunately, Muslims are divided based on ethnicity in addition to the division based on Fiqh Schools in North America and Europe. As a result, one can find most of the masjids are dominated by one ethnicity. However, becoming inclusive and involving Muslims of diverse ethnicity engaged in the masjids can make significant contributions to be a diverse and inclusive place of worship.

Many Muslims today try to join a masjid managed by people from the same ethnicity instead of attending the nearby local masjid of a different ethnicity. We pray and hope the 2nd/3rd generation of immigrant Muslims will gradually come out of this ethnic silos and will become truly Canadian, American or British Muslims embracing the diversity of Islam as was done during the initial years of Islam.