SNMC Update on Masjid prayers

SNMC appreciates the community’s cooperation and understanding during the COVID-19 lockdown situation and working with the SNMC team to follow provincial and city guidelines.

In Sha Allah, effective from Tue 16th Feb 2021 Fajr prayers, we should be back to 30% capacity restrictions.  SNMC wants to remind the community to keep following all the guidelines and rules in place by city and province from time to time, like for example keeping 6 feet distance while congregating, wearing facemask all the time.

To enter SNMC masjid from Tue 16th Feb 2021 Fajr, you would still need the following

  1. Masjid Pass – get yours at
  2. Facemask
  3. Full size Prayer Mat
  4. Bag for shoes (to take inside with you, as needed)
  5. Wudu (no wudu facilities at SNMC)

To enable next session attendees be able to drive into parking lot and be able to come into Masjid, please leave prayer hall, as soon as your session has concluded. This will reduce traffic chaos for coming in and going out, In Sha Allah.

Prayer Schedule can be seen at

Please do not assemble OR pray in parking lot and follow SNMC team’s guidelines / directions all the time.

At the moment, the age limit is 12 and above, except on Week-ends (Sat Fajr to Sun Isha) which is 8 and above.

Post 16th Feb, SNMC prayer schedule can be accessed via website (top menu Weekly Iqama)
Or Directly at
2021-prayer-schedule-v2.pdf (