SNMC Taraweeh Parking and other Etiquettes

Dear SNMC community,

Ramadan Mubarak

1) Please park properly. We don’t want to annoy our neighbors by improper parking Do not park in no parking areas of SNMC parking lot (fire lane, etc.)

2) We do have arrangements with school next to SNMC for Taraweeh prayers so please make use of it and park there.

3) Please don’t park on Woodroffe street and cross the road with busy traffic. This is a very dangerous act. Instead you could park in Farmboy parking lot after 9pm as we have arrangements with them as well

4) Once prayers are done, please leave quietly as neighbors would be sleeping at that time

5) Please keep your cell phones to mute / vibrate mode

6) In light of increased number of COVID cases and as we are praying in congregation shoulder to shoulder, SNMC highly recommends each person to wear a mask. This also makes the person praying next to you more comfortable.


Jazak Allah Kharian

SNMC Management