SNMC Qurbani/Udhia donation drop off and distribution

Dear Brothers and Sisters; Alslamou Alikoum and Eid Mubarak

Qurbani/Udhia donation drop off:

SNMC will accept Qurbani/Udhia meat donation drop off on Friday June 30th, between 5-7PM at SNMC gym.

Unfortunately, SNMC will be unable to accept any meat donation except during that time on Friday.

For Donations, please pack approx. 1kg bags clearly written Halal Lamb/ Goat / Cow.

Qurbani/Udhia meat distribution:

For community members who would like to receive meat donation, they can collect the meat from SNMC Gym from 6PM-8PM on Friday June 30th inshaa Allah.

Please bring one piece of government-issued ID. Your ID must include your name and your address.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email