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SNMC Qur’an Competition on Friday, March 30th

The  SNMC Qur’an Competition will be held on Friday, March 30th, 2018 starting at 3:00 pm. 

Please fill up the registration form. One registration per participant 

Participants will be assigned to one of four groups according to their age or they can choose to compete in Group 5 as follows:

 Group 1: boys and girls ages up to 6 years old: From Surah Quraish (106) to end (half of one-quarter of hizb).

Group 2: boys and girls ages 7-8 years old: From Surah Al-Qadr (97) to Surah Al-Feel (105) (one-quarter of hizb).

Group 3: boys and girls ages 9-12 years old: From Surah Al-A’la (87) to end of Surah Al-Alaq (96) (two and half quarters of a hizb). 
Group 4: boys and girls ages 13-18 years old: From Surah An-Naba’ (78) to end of Surah At-Tariq (86) (one full hizb).

Group 5: boys and girls any ages up to 18 years old [who are more advanced in Quran memorization] : All Juz’a 29

Rules of the competition:
1- All participants will recite in front of the panel of judges in the main prayer hall.
2- Each participant will recite three different surah’s (Groups 1 and 2) or from different locations that are not necessarily the beginning of a surah (Groups 3, 4, and 5). These surah’s will be assigned randomly for each participant and specified by the judges.
3- Each participant will be scored on a scale of 1 to 20, which is composed of two scores each is out of 10:
a- Good memorization. Each mistake causes a loss of 1 point.
b- Tajweed: Each mistake in tajweed or makharij (whether corrected by the judges or not) causes a loss of 1 point. The judges may elect to cap maximum of 2 points penalty if a participant makes a number of mistakes related to the same rule of tajweed or mispronunciation of a specific letter.


Please fill up the registration form. One registration per participant