SNMC Management Update


SNMC community would like to thank Br. Muhammad Zulfiqar for serving the Barrhaven community as president since June 2019. During his tenure as president, we have seen enormous efforts for the new challenges we were faced with COVID-19 pandemic. His hard work and dedication have not gone unnoticed. Due to work & Family commitments, Br. Muhammad Zulfiqar has decided to leave his role as a president effective Mon 23-Nov-2020. We, however, are very pleased that Br. Muhammad Zulfiqar accepted to stay as board member while taking a break from presidential responsibilities. 

SNMC would like to congratulate Br. Wahed Ali Mohammed for accepting the role of SNMC President effective 23-Nov-2020.  

Br. Wahed has been serving SNMC as a volunteer since 2004, in various activities, like covering SNMC activities with photography / videography (, coordinating Jockvale musallah days school, coordinating then Imam’s schedule, managing social media / website etc to name few.    Br. Wahed joined SNMC Board in Jan 2020 and has played crucial role in structuring online streaming of SNMC sessions, that proved very crucial in March to June Covid-19 lock down periods for musallies to get in touch with SNMC for various religious activities.   ( 

Please join us in welcoming Br Wahed in his new role as the President. 

For a complete list of board members, please click here