SNMC January 21 Special Lectures Sunday After Zuhr 12.30pm Sk Hafiz Maz har Mahmood Patel and after Isha 8pm Shaikh Mohammad Khalifa

Dear Brothers and Sisters, As-salamu Alykum

Opportunity to listen to two scholars on Sunday January 21 after Zuhr 12.30pm and after Isha 8.00pm

SNMC Special Lecture Sunday after Zuhr 12.30pm Sk Hafiz Mazhar Mahmood Patel Calgary

Topic: The Profound Tolerance of Prophet Muhammad PBUH

Sk Mazhar also speaking January 20 Saturday after Isha 7pm at Ottawa Masjid: Importance of Unity in Islam and on Sunday after Isha at 7pm The Compassion of The Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings upon him

SNMC Special Lecture  Sunday after Isha 8pm Shaikh Mohammad Khalifa Montreal : Topic: Science of Hadith


Born and raised in Toronto, Imam Mazhar Patel studied the Sciences of Al-Quran under the tutelage of his late Father, Qari Mahmood Patel. He memorized the Quran and mastered various forms of recitations. In 2012, Imam Mazhar earned Honours Master’s Degree from Darul Uloom Zakariyya, South Africa. He is the Director of Religious Affairs at the Lac La Biche Muslim Association (The second Masjid to be established in Canada) and is a writer at the prestigious Mathabah Institute, Toronto. He is also an Arabic Language instructor for the Northern Lights School Division (NLSD), Alberta. He is an active member of the interfaith community, lectures at conferences, seminars and universities in and out of North America. He also makes appearances in the Media.