SNMC Heritage: Rightly Guided Caliph-Abū Bakr aṣ-Ṣiddīq

Abū Bakr aṣ-Ṣiddīq ‘Abdallāh bin Abī Quḥāfah ( c. 573 CE – 634AD) was a close  companion (Sahabi) and—through his daughter Aisha—the father-in-law of Prophet  Muhammad. (PBUH)  Abu Bakr became the first openly declared Muslim outside Muhammad’s family  Abu Bakr served as a trusted advisor to Muhammad. During Muhammad’s lifetime, he was involved in several campaigns and treaties.

He ruled over the Rashidun Caliphate from 632 to 634 CE when he became the first Muslim Caliph following Muhammad’s death. As caliph, Abu Bakr succeeded to the political and administrative functions previously exercised by Muhammad. He was commonly known as The Truthful, a—siddiq, Abu Bakr’s reign lasted for 2 years, 2 months, and 2 weeks ending with his death after an illness.