SNMC Heritage: The Slander against Ayesha (RA) (Mother of the Believers) and her Vindication by Allah

The Slander against Ayesha (RA) (Mother of the Believers) and her Vindication by Allah

The hypocrites and few misinformed Muslims during Prophet Muhammad (Salalah alaihi wa sallam) levied against the mother of the believers, Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her). This was an important event in Islamic history that also led to the revelation of important verses in Surah Nour in whichm adrer a month long trial and tribulations,  Allah awt vindicated her.

This event provided us the opportunity to learn many key lessons. Let’s review some of them below.

a)   Abu Bakr Behaving with Salanderer who was his own relative

One of the misinfomed muslim, particpated in battle of Badar and forgiven byAllah swt, got the glad new sof Jannah, and was relative of Abu Bakr (RA), fater of Mother Aysha (RA) and was receiving montly financail suort from Abu Bakat (RA). After the incident Abu Bakr instrad of stoping increased the financial support and also ayshea (RA) kep her good relations. This is for al curre nt muslsim to onder and keep good relations with all relatives, freinds and commun ity member  even under difficut situations

b) The Prophet’s ordeal and challenge until the verses were revealed, and the amazing way he handled it.

c)    Perseverance of Ayesha (RA) and her reaction after the fact was known

d)    Praiseworthy the response of the other wives of the Prophet (PBUH)

e)    The evils of slandering and the incident became the cause of some very important additions to the social law and injunctions of Islam

f)    The Prophet (PBUH) had no knowledge of the unseen

g)     Trust in Allah and obedience leads to receiving Blessings from Allah

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