SNMC Family Friday Night and weekly lectures

SNMC Friday Night Lecture/Discussion on March 13th – Coronavirus Discussion and Guidance
WHO:  Experts/Professionals
WHAT: How to Deal with the Coronavirus
WHEN: Friday night, March 13th  (after ‘Isha prayer SHARP)
WHERE: SNMC Masjid/Mosque
All are welcome to be part of this program and learn how to deal with the matters related to coronavirus from a Public Health, Canada Perspective as well as according to our Din.

Akhlaq of a Muslim/Muslimah (manners, ethics, character) Session – Tuesday Weekly Session
WHO: Imam Dr. Zijad
WHAT: Manners with Allah: Tawakkul: Benefits
WHEN: Tuesday, March 10th (After Salatil ‘Isha)
WHERE: SNMC Main Prayer Area
In general, the Goal for this weekly session is to discuss/teach/learn about the mentioned topics below (basic manners of Islam towards oneself, the Creator, people, the society) and inspire community members to live the learnt manners in their practical life on a day-to-day basis:
• Rights of Allah – being a grateful servant of Allah, Worship Allah sincerely, Tawbah, Tawakkul, Taqwa, etc.
• Rights of People – help them (truthful, sincere, keeping promise, etc) NOT harm them (envy, backbiting, slander, etc.)
• Personal Rights – Takes care of spiritual, intellectual, ethical, emotional and physical development
• Social Responsibilities – community and society: volunteering, interfaith relations, political engagement, etc.
• Environmental responsibilities – taking care of the environment, soil, water, air Target Group: Public session – All

Tafseer Surah Al-Hujurat
WHO: Imam Dr. Mohsen
WHAT: The nine advices of Surah Al-Hujurat 
WHEN: Saturday, March 14th (after ‘Isha prayer SHARP).
WHERE: SNMC Masjid/Mosque.

Family relationships – Sunday Weekly Session
WHO: Imam Dr. Zijad
WHAT: Neighbours in Islam
WHEN: March 15th (After Salatil ‘Isha)
WHERE: SNMC Main Prayer Area In general, the Goal for this weekly session is to enhance our knowledge on family relationships, supported with the Qur’an and Sunnah) and to assist Muslims to develop healthy environments in their home so that the potential of all members could be actualized.
The following themes would be covered to reach the goals:
• Pre-marriage/Nikah – What to look for in the search for finding a spouse in Islam
• Marriage – Now when married, how to maintain a healthy relationship between wife and husband
• Communication and Conflict resolution – What does it take to find ways of avoiding conflict in marriage and how assertive, sincere and open communication could be a key in having a marriage of substance
• Parenting – Now when we are blessed with children in our marriages, we are to learn about ways of helping our future generation develop and maintain strong Islamic identity and at the same time honest, sincere and faithful citizens of the Canadian society, now our home.
Target Group: Public session – ALL Day/Time: Sundays after ‘Isha prayer – Winter / Sundays after Magrib prayer – summer