SNMC Eid Sacrifice

As usual, SNMC has arranged Eid Sacrifice, this year with Bilal Farm.

The costs are as follows:

  • Lamb $390
  • Cow Share (1/7) $375
  • Goat $440

Last day to order Qurbani/Udhia is as follows:

July 26 for Cow share and Goat

July 28 for Lamb

Due to COVID19, there will be no slaughter observation this year. There will be curbside pickup for lamb and goat only on the 2nd day of Eid at the farm, if you would like to pick up your meat on 2nd day from the farm, please notify the office (, SNMC will work with Bilal Farm and assign you a time slot for the meat pickup

The rest of meat (including cow shares) will be delivered to SNMC on the 6th day of Eid (If Eid is on Friday July 31st, meat will be delivered on August 5th). More information about the pickup will be posted later inshaa Allah.

You can pay online at or by cash, cheque, debit, and credit at the SNMC Masjid.

Only those who donate 100% meat will be able to get a CRA Tax receipt.

Donated meat will be distributed to the Ottawa Food Bank, Sadaqa Food Bank and Local needy by SNMC.