News Letter

Founder’s Corner: Be Active in Canada’s Elections

By Dr. Emdad Khan

Alhamdu Lillah, Muslims are well established in Ottawa, Canada, in government, High-Tech jobs and other fields. Now it is time for us to be active in mainstream politics.

We have two important elections coming soon in Ottawa, one electing the federal leader of conservative party and another Ontario election to get a new provincial government.

The political parties modify their stance on issues sometimes. For example, in Ontario, the ruling party moved to the center from the right side of politics in the last 4 years. Thus, we should not develop preconceived notions about the political parties.

There are six candidates in run for conservative leadership. Some candidates appear to be more sympatric towards Muslims. We request that as many Muslims as possible should become Conservative party voting members before June 3. It will be better to participate in the upcoming election to select the new leader of Conservative party. In federal elections we might think differently.

We all know the saying, “not to put all eggs in one basket”. May Allah SWT guide and protect all Muslims and all Canadians.

We think, it is better for Muslims to be active in mainstream politics.

With Salaam and Regards