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Founder’s Corner: Protect Your Children

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this post are those of the writer alone and do not necessarily reflect the views or positions of SNMC.

By Dr. Emdad Khan

Those of us, who have children, are very fortunate. Think of those who try hard but cannot have children. As parents, we must provide a safe, caring, and loving environment for our children.

Many of us are immigrants or children of immigrants. We had issues in our countries back home, so we migrated to Canada for better and safe lives for ourselves and our children and to become contributing and peace-loving Canadians.

If we look at all the young persons who are derailed, commit suicide, or involved in violence or deplorable acts, root cause in most cases is the family breakdown. Whatever the reason, the kids felt a lack of family support.

We should provide a caring home environment.

Money is important but children need our time. In the evening, at least one parent should be at home. Also, a dinner table talk about what happened in the school is necessary.

Sometimes children are shy not to share or talk with other siblings. Also talk about a taboo topic like homosexuality. It is in the Quran, the community of prophet Lut (AHS). Recently, even in a grade 1 class, one teacher in public school, talked about it openly in the classroom. So, we must be frank and talk with our children as Muslims.

Scholl Bullying/ Isolation/Suicide/Evil acts

Children spend a lot of time in school.  These days, in school kids are diverse and come from different ethnic, cultural, linguistic and faith backgrounds. Each kid tries to make some friends and socialize with those friends. Unfortunately, a small percentage of kids are bullied and there is a fair chance our nice and quiet kids might be bullied in school. He or she may feel shy not to share with parents or even with siblings. They may not even share with class teachers. The young boy or girl may suffer inside.  Gradually they lose interest in school, feel isolated and then become depressed.

It is better if we get involved in schools and sports activities for children. Parents also need to get involved with the community and neighbors where children are growing up. All these will make the children confident, happy, and safe, and will not feel isolated or get depressed.

Most Ottawa public school students are bullied, board survey finds.


After being bullied, being in isolation and depressed, some of the kids take drastic actions.  Some take the path of self-destruction, following the path of suicide. We all know the story of Amanda Todd (

Socialization: Parents and Kids

As parents, fathers, and mothers, we socialize in our own environment. Our kids also require socialization. They have the desire to be involved in sports and cultural activities. Here, we parents can help them to have a helpful, kind and compassionate environment.   We may invite the kids and their parents with whom our kids play and socialize. We need to get involved as parents with   our kids as families in a proper environment, where we parents can enjoy, and kids also get a healthy environment to play and socialize.

We can encourage the kids to participate in soccer and hockey. They enjoy the games, and we socialize. If we like a moderate faith-based environment, we have opportunities to join community organizations like SNMC ( which organizes various sports activities and fun trips for kids of different age groups. Community organizations, like SNMC, cater for spiritual, social, education and sports need of kids, youths and adult men and women in a friendly environment.

Children are gifts or Amanah. As parents it is our duty to help our children to grow as young law-abiding peaceful and contributing Canadians.

We must give time to our kids at our home, get involved in kids’ schools and be active members of the local community organizations and prevent kids from getting isolated, depressed and finally prevent being suicidal or radicalized and violent.

Let us be the best friend of our children Give them time and be involved in school.

With Salaam and Regards