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Founder’s Corner: Volunteering to serve the community members

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this post are those of the writer alone and do not necessarily reflect the views or positions of SNMC.

By Dr. Emdad Khan

If we volunteer it is beneficial for the community in many ways. But it also gives us useful purpose in life. It will help us from the anxiety, stress in our life and will remove depression and loneliness.

Let us see a hadith of prophet Muhammed pbuh. The most beloved persons to Allah swt are those who are most beneficial to other people. The most beloved deed to Allah swt is to make a person a Muslim happy or remove his difficulties, or to forgive his debt or loan, or to feed when hungry.

That I walk with a brother regarding one of his needs is more beloved to me than that I make ethekaf in masjid medina for a month.

Whoever suppress anger, even though he could show his anger if he wished, then Allah swt will secure his heart on the day of Judgement. Whoever control his anger, then Allah swt will conceal his faults.

Whoever walks with his brother regarding a need until he gets it for him, then Allah swt will make his feet firm in crossing the bridge on the day when the feet are shaken.

Sahih al mujam al aswat 6026

Let us plan to volunteer every month 2 to 4 hours for a cause which is near to us and beneficial for the community. It will benefit the community and benefit us and keep us busy with useful purpose and remove us from loneliness.

We pray Allah swt allow us to do some volunteer work in the community with a group or we start some new volunteer works, Ameen.