President’s Message

Dear SNMC family,

I miss you all. In fact, the masjid misses you and of course you miss the masjid as well. May Allah make it easy for all of humanity.

It has been about 5 weeks since we last prayed at our masjid. Inshallah our current situation will improve and we’ll be able to return to the masjid soon. For now, it is a test from Allah (SWT). Though we may miss some of the blessings, the most important one is going to the masjid and praying in congregation. However, Allah (SWT) still loves us and Allah has still blessed us with his countless blessings. 

Even though we can’t visit each other nor the masjid, we can still keep in touch. We have a variety of communication channels that we can use to reach out to the masjid and one another. This is the time where we come closer to our families, companions and re-establish a firm connection with Allah (SWT). Let us try to use this time to make dua and ask for repentance.

Our two imams are working hard every day to reach out to the community through video messages to uplift the spirituality of the community. Also, Ramadan is coming up and inshallah our imams will share an overview of the programs to come during the blessed month. In addition to our imams, other respected leaders of the community will also use the SNMC platform to share their spiritual messages with the community.

Please reach out to SNMC for feedback about our current activities, and anything else you’d like to suggest in terms of content and/or schedule. We’ll adjust the programs based on the needs and feedback of the community. If you or anyone you know needs help with anything please contact SNMC, myself or the imams. Inshallah, SNMC will use its resources to help as much as possible.

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Jazakallahkhair, and may Allah (SWT) protect us all.

Br. Zulfiqar Khan