Mental Health as a Muslim (Oct. 21)


SNMC MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS COMMITTEE presents a Lecture series for the general Community and will cover the most common mental health conditions and discussions.

  • Date: Oct. 21
  • Time: 4-7 pm
  • Where: SNMC Basement

Reserve your spot now and be a part of this transformative experience!
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? DEPRESSION: State of mind or medical condition ?

Please join us for an enlightening and empowering event regarding Mental Health awareness.

Don’t miss your chance to engage, learn, and grow together as we embark on a journey toward mental health grounded in faith.

Discover and immerse yourself in a day of insightful discussion along with an expert speaker known Psychiatrist Dr. ASIF JEHAN KHAN covering the key points about Depression and meeting some Counsellors.

Topics Include:
✨ Islamic Concept of Depression
✨Causes of Depression
✨ How to recognize Depression
✨ Integrating Spirituality in Therapy
✨ Mindfulness and Prayer
✨ Treatment of Depression
✨ Prevention strategies for Depression