Imam Zijad’s Corner: No Bashfulness, then DO as You Wish

Imam Zijad’s Corner: No Bashfulness, then DO as You Wish

Reported by Uqbah ibn Aamr Al-Ansaari that Muhammad (S) said: “From the words of the previous prophets that the people still find are: If you feel no bashfulness, then do as you wish.” (Bukhari)

Transliteration: “Inna Mimma Adrakan Nasu Min Kalamin Nubuwwatil Ula, Idha Lam Tastahi Fasna’ Ma Shita.”


This Hadith points to one of the most important characteristics a person can possess” the bashfulness.

The virtues of bashfulness are passed on from the earliest of the prophets. The laws of the previous prophets agreed upon this principle.

Modesty is what keeps a person away from committing sinful acts.

If people have no feeling of shame, there is nothing to prevent them from doing anything they wish – any sin under the sky.

In fact, the more people commit sins, the more their feeling of bashfulness is lessened, to the point where it may cease to exist altogether.

When people reach that point, they do not care what others think of them and their sense of pride may actually come from how ‘bad’ they or others think they are.

We do not have to look far to see the effects of this loss of modesty upon societies.

When the sense of bashfulness is lost, everything becomes normal and acceptable. Like all natural characteristics, bashfulness can be nurtured or stunted through our actions.

The more that we realize the presence of God) and His blessings upon us, the more the natural bashfulness within us will grow.

The more we commit sins and indecent acts, the more it will decrease until it eventually disappears.

Muhammad (S) said: “Bashfulness is part of Faith and Faith is in Paradise. Indecency is part of hardness of heart and hardness of heart will lead to the Hellfire.” [Ahmad]