Imam Zijad’s Corner: The Best Believer: The Best to One’s Family

The Best Believer: The Best to One’s Family

Reporter by Abdullah ibn Amr (r) that Muhammad (S) said: “The most perfect of believers is the best of you in character; and the best among those with best character are the ones who are the best towards their wife (family).”  Source: Tirmithi

Transliteration: “Akmalul Mu’minina Imanan Ahsanuhum Khuluqa; wa Khiyarukum Khiyarukum li nisaihim.”

Note: On the journey toward the eternal life hereafter, the institution of marriage plays a pivotal role. This is a relationship of two co-equal partners as exemplified in the Qur’an (al-Ahzab: 35; at-Tauba: 71).

Spouses exert influence upon each other for a period longer than any other relationship. That is why a righteous spouse is the best resource a person can have in this world.

Having a righteous spouse makes the journey that much easier and enjoyable through mutual understanding, encouragement, and cooperation.

Several aspects deserve special attention:

(1) The emphasis of the hadith is equally applicable to husband being righteous, i.e., from the vantage of a wife.

(2) Muslims should be extra judicious in selecting their life partners from the Islamic viewpoint;

(3) Muslims should recognize the reciprocal duties and rights of their respective spouses. In respect to their educational and all other rights in our contemporary male-dominated Muslim society/community, husbands have to be facilitators and defenders.

And (4) Muslim women should know and understand their Islamic rights and strive to secure these rights. Securing rights is a social duty and, spouses as partners must work together toward the same end.