I want to share with all of you my narrative – a timeless story – about the very human and social prophet – Muhammad (S) – the Messenger of God who was sent to be a source of goodness and compassion in the world. I want to tell you my story, by myself, as I have come to understand and believe it.

First of all Muhammad’s (S) story is simple but timeless – it has a place not only in history but beyond it!

“My” Prophet is humble and generous, kind and forgiving, pragmatic and forward-looking; he is an optimist (mutafa’il) not a pessimist (mutashaim), a compassionate and loving personality. In short Muhammad (S) represents the kind of role model one can only wish for at a time when the world seems filled with so many false and deceptive “role-models” who compete for our respect and admiration.

But Muhammad (S) is the “real thing” – a genuine Prophet of Peace! His life was a total “jihad of peace” and “jihad for peace.” He worked literally by the sweat of his brow to bring peace and justice to the war-torn Arabia of his time. To this noble purpose his life was focused on a tireless campaign against ignorance, greed, injustice and arrogance.

His Message was powerful and enduring! It emerged in a troubled time as being clear and substantial, immediate, yet eternal. Muhammad’s (S) message was a call for massive moral revolution – like giving a moral vaccination to an entire society that was suffering from the infection of evil and despair.

The Prophet’s (S) guidance revealed a divine constitution that cares about ALL of creation. So great were its implications that they redefined body, mind, law, government – the very essence of reality for all humanity… His message was holy and wholistic, embracing everything in our personal and collective realms of being.