Imam Zijad’s Corner: Searching Knowledge in Islam

Searching Knowledge in Islam

Reported by Anas (r) that Muhammad (S) said: “A person who goes in search of knowledge, he or she is in the path of God  and remains so till he or she returns.” Tirmizi

Transliteration: “Man Kharaja Fi Talabil ‘Ilmi, Fahuwa Fi Sabilillahi Hatta Yarji’u.”

Note: There is no other religion or Way of life that has made knowledge incumbent upon its followers. In Islam, belief (iman) cannot stem from ignorance.

A person becomes Muslim with a certain level of knowledge which leads him or her to believe or attain iman, and then the life of a Muslim is a never-ending process of learning.

A person cannot become a Muslim and remain a good Muslim in a state of Jahl (ignorance). It is unfortunate that seeking knowledge has been defined so narrowly in the minds of common Muslims.

Then, as they become more knowledgeable, instead of becoming more humble, arrogance is the more common outcome. Another deplorable aspect of the state of knowledge and learning is that women are so routinely deprived of their access to learning and education.

It is not surprising that for a long period of time, there has not been Muslim women who have been recognized as Islamic jurists/experts (Mujtahids).

From the methodology of learning to the contents and orientation, the contemporary conditions of the Ummah are so remote from the Islamic scheme.

Widespread illiteracy and lack of proper education can be identified as among the most important factors contributing to the global Ummah’s miserable conditions.