Humble and Arrogant

Humble and Arrogant. As human being, we are familiar in our day to day life in works and community with the persons of these two attributes.

In fact, with the creation of first human being Adam and the cursed devil, the almighty has explained these two attributes. The devil showed his arrogance by disobeying God when asked to prostate Adam (AHS) as he proudly stated his is better as he was created from fire and Adam from soil.  But we observe, when at the deception of devil, prophet Adam and mother Hawa disobeyed and ate the forbidden fruit, they instantly admitted and took the owner ship of the misstate. They did not blame each other or the devil, rater both said, oh our Lord, we wronged ourselves, if you do not forgive us or have mercy on us, we will become the losers.

So, one key attribute we will see in our life, when some thing goes wrong, the arrogant will blame others or find excuses not take the ownership, but the humble one will admit and take ownership of the mistake.

 The humble person speaks the truth. Arrogant negotiates a way out on what’s best for himself/herself. Arrogant uses anger, bitterness, or finds a way out from speaking the truth.

Another attribute is listening, Humble person listens other views with deep attention and  gently seeks clarification, but the arrogant will do opposite.

If any one of us has a vision, we will work by persuasion to overcome obstacles to reach the goal, not by arrogant will say, our way or highway, and so on.

The crazy, invisible, micro virus within three months, January to March 2020, has taken over the control of the whole world. The mighty presidents, prime ministers, scientists, engineers, professors, physicians, has not yet find a cure or way to get the control back. This reminds us, when on the day of judgment, the Almighty, God will declare, for whom is the kingdom today. No one will be able to say anything, He again will declare, for God the Irresistible one. So, the Almighty has given us an opportunity to return to Him and work to save the humanity by becoming humble and  be caring to build a just society, country and world. We have the option to be humble like prophet Adam or be cursed and doom ourselves and humanity by being like the devil