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SNMC Friday Night Lecture on March 16th and Schedule for March

SNMC Friday Night Lecture on March 23rd – with Hafiz Dr. Atif Kabir after Salatil Magrib  

WHO:  Hafiz Dr. Atif

WHAT: Lecture – “Tafsir of Juz ‘Amma”

WHEN: Friday night, March 23rd – 7:30 pm (after ‘Magrib prayer SHARP)

WHERE: SNMC Masjid/Mosque

We all want to understand Islam as intended by the Creator. The best way then is to understand it is by understanding the Book of Allah (His speech). Dr. Atif will present to the community the Tafsir of the Last Juz ‘Amma, again this coming Friday, Insha Allah.

Please be part of the discussion about the essential filed in our faith. All are welcome!


Fri MARCH 23     After Magrib prayer Dr. Atif Kabir Tafsir of Juz ‘Amma
Fri MARCH 30     After Magrib prayer Hafiz Samiullah Hashimy The Virtues and Benefits of 5 Daily Prayers