Founder’s Corner: Challenges and Opportunities

By Dr. Emdad Khan

Challenges and Opportunities

We frequently face some problems and challenges in our day-to-day life activities.

But if we use wisdom and creativity along with thinking and reflection, we can turn problems and challenges into new opportunities.

We can draw examples from the life of prophet Muhammed, pbuh. Let us look at the historic Hudaibiya treaty, all companions were upset as apparently the treaty conditions did not look favorable to Muslims but with Allah swt turned it into biggest opportunities.

Muslims came unarmed wearing two white sheets but had to return empty handed without performing the desired umrah. But Allah swt declared it open victory for believers. After 2 years, the believers entered Makkah as victors without fight or bloodshed. As victor, they performed the umrah pilgrimage. They also forgave all the enemies and did not take any revenge.

So let us now look at our own life and we will find that at times, on certain occasions, we are unhappy with what had happened, but later we found it was good for us.

Next time when we face some problems or challenges, remember it could bring a new opportunity. So, apply wisdom and innovation and think and be content. InshaAllah, we will find it is a good thing.

We should remember an event is only 10%, which is not in our control. How we handle and event or a situation is 90%, and in our control. Thus, we should stay calm and be patient.

With Salaam and Regards