Founder’s Corner: How to get our Duas accepted

By Dr. Emdad Khan

It is simple, but requires consistency and Insha’Allah, Allah swt will accept our Duas.

  1. First be Positive and think our Dua will be accepted
  2. Seek forgiveness for our past mistakes
  3. Send Salawat or Durud to prophet Muhammed pbuh
  4. Make Dua for others – friends, families community members, known and unknown
  5. Request Dua from others, as we meet others and talk with them
  6. Do an extra good deed, even a small kindness or recite a small surah
  7. Give up a bad habit or a sin
  8. Give a sadaqa
  9. Repeat Dua again and again, if possible after each salah
  10. Make a consistent effort with Dua
  11. Start and end day with Dua

Insha’Allah, if we follow the above. Our Dua will be accepted, even it is delayed for our own benefit. Ameen.

With Salaam and Regards