Founder’s Corner: Recollection of Jockvale SNMC days! Specially Fridays Family Nights with Pizza and Monthly Sisters Gatherings and Closeness!!

By Dr. Emdad Khan

Alhamdu Lillah from July 1997 to July 2021, we will be completing 25 years of SNMC journey.  Time to time, people come and talk about the good old days, they feel SNMC is vast, they are missing some things, like closeness, individual caring and wellbeing.

The other day, we went to see our dentist, she started talking when she used to come to SNMC and we discussed opening her own dentistry by moving away from Orleans.

She was recollecting how she; her family and friends would look forward to coming to Jockvale and was fondly stating how she is missing many fond memories.

She was describing the Friday family nights with a lecture, pizza party auction of pizza to raise funds and how for many years, they had monthly Sister’s evening first at Jockvale Heritage building and then at Walter Baker Centre.

She feels a desire to recreate those days, especially Friday nights family gathering and monthly Sister’s evening.

We are optimistic and hope we will have some one or a group of volunteers come forward Insha’Allah.

May Allah swt make it easy for all of us to work with the intentions for the pleasure of Allah swt and for the wellbeing of the families, youths and children and integrate with the main  stream keeping the Muslim identity.