Founder’s Corner: Pleasant Communication

By Dr. Emdad Khan

We communicate daily by phone, voice message, texting, and face to face. It is essential and good to communicate with dad, mom, brothers, sisters, friends, and coworkers. If the conversation is pleasant, it leaves a good legacy behind.

We should start with Salaam, we are saying, let peace and blessing of Allah swt upon you. We really should mean it from the inside of our hearts.

Enquire how he/she is doing, how are the children, how is one’s job, and if health is ok, etc. Plan to end with a pleasant note making sure that he/she feels good at the end of communication.

Under no circumstances it is acceptable to end with a rough note, even if he/she makes a mistake, or we disagree with them. No one should feel intimidated or disrespected.

May Allah give us the capacity to call, talk, text and message in such a way that the other person becomes happy and would feel comfortable.

With Salaam and Regards