Founder’s Corner: Past, Present, Future!

Dr Emdad Khan.

In Arabic we have past tense, present tense, command form,

The future tense is an extension of present by implied or just adding the letter ‘sa’.

In the Quran, Allah swt has described many stories of past communities, tribes and nations.

For our lessons, He described, creation of human beings, how to spend our day to life, and at the end  He is pleased with us and we are pleased with HIM. He also stated again and again not to be deceived by the life of Duniya and prepare for the eternal life of the hereafter.

He described about seeking His forgiveness when we make mistakes, He asked to own our mistakes and to seek forgiveness from others affected.  That was the example of Prophet Adam AHS and mother Hawa AHS.

Past can not be undone; we need to take lessons and move to the present and from the present think of the future to do better.

We will lose everything in life if we get stuck about the past.

Let us forgive ourselves for our own shortcomings, forgive others, our own parents, our children, our relatives, our community members.

We will feel light, our  burden will go away and  we will move forward.

May Allah swt make our life peaceful with tranquility. Ameen.

With Salaam and Regards Emdad