Founder’s Corner: Ottawa Ramadan and Eid: Our Dream and Vision

Dr Emdad Khan.

Ottawa Ramadan and Eid: Our Dream and Vision

We moved to Ottawa (Barrhaven) in 1996/97, we used to work at the famous Nortel and our kids used to go to High Schools.

We were new and when Ramadan was coming, we used to get worried.


Yes, because at work we found we Muslims start fast in different days and our children also found the Muslim students start and end fast on different days.

So, we put a mission, let us forget the world,  the whole of Canada and work focussing only at Ottawa to have the same day Ramadan fasting start and Ramadan fasting end and Eid.

Around 2000+, after working with different masjids for a few years, we were able to build UMO-OG (Ottawa Gatineau Muslims Organizations) and Ottawa Gatineau Imam Council around 2009.

With many ups and downs, hundreds of hours spent in meeting and persuasion, gradually were able to bring different Ethnic and Fiqh views together.

With the mercy of Allah swt and sincere efforts of community leaders, imams, presidents and secretaries of masjids/ organizations, we have achieved unity for Ramadan.

Alhamdu Lillah, for the last 10/12 years, around 2009, Ottawa Gatineau Muslims are celebrating the start/end of Ramadan and Eid together.

May Allah forgive us all and keep our intentions for His pleasure.

May Allah swt reward all the community leaders and members, who sincerely  made the efforts to achieve this unity in Ottawa Gatineau.

With Salaam and Regards Emdad Khan