Founder’s Corner: Humble and Arrogant

By Dr. Emdad Khan

We live in a society, see and meet people who are mostly very humble and polite. However, some times we come across people who might be arrogant.

Each one has an influence on us and society.

Being humble is a virtue. One of the best examples of a humble persons is prophet Adam AHS. Allah swt created him by own hand, all angels made sujud to him. He and his wife Hawa, our mother, were in Jannah and had only one command to obey, not to eat the fruit from one of the trees. The Shaitan provoked, they both made one mistake and Allah swt took them out of Jannah and put in the Dunya.

What was his situation? We can imagine from Jannah to an unknown earth, separated from each other. In the most challenging situations, both (He and Hawa) were humble and admitted their mistake. They asked for forgiveness, and did not blame each other or the Shaitan. They took ownership of their mistake, one of the greatest examples of humbleness.

Let us learn from this example and implement it in our own life, be humble under all circumstances. May Allah make us humble and protect us from the arrogance of Shaitan. Ameen.

We are all aware that Shaitan was a devoted worshiper of the Almighty God. When he was asked, why he did not make Sijda (prostate) to prophet Adam AHS, who Allah swt created by His own hand. The Shaitan stated, You created me from fire and created him (Adm) from soil, he showed his arrogance.

The superiority complex is the root cause of arrogance. If we look at the stories of the Quran, we find many examples of arrogant leaders. If we also look at arrogant leaders of the present world, for the last  20 or 50 years, there are telling stories from several countries. Those arrogant leaders destroyed themselves and their countries.

Now, let us look at ourselves, if we trace back, sometimes, we have to suffer for our own arrogance. We may find reasons, but still, we should be humble.

Allah swt does not love or guide the arrogance and they will suffer here and hereafter. May Allah make us humble and give us the capacity to avoid arrogance. Ameen

With Salaam and Regards