Founder’s Corner: Far away Aging Parents

Dr Emdad Khan.

We live in a global world. Many of us live in Canada, USA, and other countries.

Many of us have aging mom or dad, relatives and friends living back home or other countries.

We used to go to visit them or in some cases they used to come to visit us.

For multiple reasons, even if we desire, we are not able to be with them.

Even when some of them pass away, we are not able to join in last rites!

But Allah swt has given us several options.

We can pre-fix a day and time in a week, may call them by Viber, whatsapp or Skype or calling card or direct phone.  Some of these technologies give the option of video call.

We may make Dua in our daily prayer.

We can send gifts through other friends or we can send by different postal or courier services or we can send some money.

We should one way or another, keep communication and do what is available and make Dua for everyone.

Also, we may have to make  some sacrifices, either we visit them or invite them to visit us.

May Allah swt keep us safe,  peaceful with tranquility and keep us connected  with parents, relatives and friends.