Founder’s Corner: Dr. Emdad Khan


Our Creator addresses the human beings, He created us from one single male and female. He made us in different nations, tribes, so that we know each other as diverse and inclusive communities.

 Indeed, Almighty God loves those who establish justice in society and deals justly with all human beings irrespective of faith, ethnicity, origin, color. He loves who establishes justice in his dealing with each one and in society.

Prophet’s final sermon at Hajj in Makkah, 1500 years back, “O people, all mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab, or a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab. Also, a White has any superiority over a Black, nor a black has   any superiority over a White except by piety and good action.

The invisible micro virus is controlling human lives as individuals, as family, as community, as country, in the whole world.  Many human beings all over the world have become caring, humble. Takes care of the needy, vulnerable, as individuals, community, and country.

 Still, unfortunately, we see in the USA, UK, Europe, even in Canada more hatred, racism against Black, African, Latin and Asians. This is also visible in some South Asian countries, hatred and racism against different faiths, tribes, and ethnicities. 

With a black person dying under the custody of a white police officer, a large anti- racism, demo is being held in large cities in many countries all over the world. In Ottawa, even PM Trudeau attended one such demo, in front of parliament Hill.

Many now think what is going on in the USA, and a bit less in the UK, Europe and even here in Canada. This is also true in many South Asian and African Countries, even in Arab countries. People are discriminated against based on place of origin, color, language, faith.  Unfortunately, in those back-home countries, in the same country, different segments of society are not treated on equal footing.

Look at our own neighborhood, our own ethnic group, our own large families, and relatives, are we treating fairly and equally.

 Look at our own professional organizations, our work, or our faith organizations, are we treating everyone on equal footing?

Look at ourselves, in our own day to day dealing, in shopping, in busing, in driving, in our masjids or faith gathering, we ourselves should  look in the mirror and change our attitudes, each and every one.

 In many countries, for the last 2 to 3 months, the large cities were under lock down conditions. As of June 2020, over 7.5 million affected by coronavirus and over 400,000 left the earth to meet the creator to account for their activities.

With the invisible micro virus, God sent a clear message to humanity, and has given an opportunity to rectify ourselves as individuals, as family, as community and country. To establish justice, so we are loved by our Creator God.

Good news, Canadian government on federal, provincial, and even city level moving forward with effective actions to eliminate discrimination for first nations, blacks, and visible minorities. We hope and pray more just society will be established in Canada and God will love all levels of Canadian government. We also need to work peacefully so that every country works to establish just society for each and every citizen in their countries whether in America, Europe, Asia, Africa or Arab world.