News Letter

Founder’s Corner: Our Youths, Our future: But Youths Under Stress

By Dr. Emdad Khan

Youths are facing multiple conflicting Environments, school, sports, home and family, and community.

These conflicting environments bring anxiety, stress, depression, drugs, alcohol, isolation, sex, Islamophobia, temptation, suicidal, and in some cases abandoning Islam.

When we as a community will provide support networks of qualified, experienced, female counselors, youths counselors and integrated environment of spiritual, educational, sports and positive and encouraging healthy environment in our masjids and community settings.

 We community activists, leaders, educationists, well-wishers, parents, teachers, scholars, let us put ourselves in the shoes of our youths and do some thinking and develop youths’ centric programs in all of our masjids and communities.

With Salaam and Regards