Founder’s Corner: Blessings of normal and smooth breathing day in and day out

By Dr. Emdad Khan

Have we thought of how adults breathe12-16 times per minute to inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide to survive? Adults above 60 breathe up to 28 times per minute.

Breathing to essential to our life. It allows our body to obtain the energy to perform it activities.

If we go to the hospital we will see many people are taken care of by respiratory therapists. We will also see various types of oxygen machines which assist in breathing and help us survive as a human being.

We have even seen some people who are happy to carry portable oxygen cylinders with them for breathing.

We should immensely thank Allah swt for providing us free air, free oxygen to inhale and help us exhale carbon dioxide effortlessly.

Rich or poor, no one needs to buy air or oxygen.

Let us be a human being, who thanks his Creator for many blessings, one of the most important being oxygen.

With Salaam and Regards