Founder’s column: Day to Day Problem Solving Tool

In our daily life to get our job done, we use specialized tools. Each trade person has his/her own tools. For example, a carpenter has certain tools, but the electrician has another set of tools. We, human beings are the best of God’s creation. So lets think, as believers in one God, what is the tool we must use to solve our day to day life problem here and in the life hereafter.

God himself has guided and mentored our beloved prophet, Muhamed (PBUP) for 23 years from age 40 until age 63 in every step of his life by sending specific message on specific occasion via angel Gabriel (AHS).  The Quran, means reading again and again, is the ultimate tool God sent to human beings through Muhamed (PBUH) via angel Gabriel (AHS) for reading, pondering and applying to solve our day to day problems as well as the problems of life hereafter

Dr. Emdad Khan