SNMC Statement on Sri Lanka Incident

April 23rd, 2019

Statement: Condemning senseless attack against humanity on our innocent Christian Brethren over the Holy Weekend in Sri Lanka and praying for peace

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On behalf of the Members of the South Nepean Muslim Community, Ottawa we condemn the senseless and brutal terror attacks against humanity on the innocent people in Sri Lanka and convey our sadness, sorrow, heartfelt condolences and deepest sympathies to the families and friends of hundreds of innocent people killed and injured over the Holy Weekend of Easter in Sri Lanka.

Our hearts are shattered by the vicious cowardly terror attack on innocent Christian Brethren in Sri Lanka.

Our prayers are with everyone affected by this terrible tragedy. May their souls rest in peace and may those injured recover soon and may their families heal from this tragic loss and pain. Ameen.

We will continue to pray to the Merciful and Benevolent God to comfort the family and friends of the innocent victims, to give proper guidance to those behind these atrocities and to help us all understand that we are sisters and brothers of one big family – our human family.

The Merciful God teaches Muslims in the Holy book – the Qur’an that “to kill one human being is like killing all of humanity and to save one human life is like saving the life of all of humanity.” (Al-Quran, Al-Maeda 5:32)

Thus, SNMC community joins the citizens of Sri Lanka in grieving this tragedy and we stand together in solidarity with those members of our community in Canada who call Sri Lanka their home.

As Canadian Muslims, in general, we stand in solidarity for understanding, acceptance, kindness, caring, harmony, justice, peace and respect for all human sisters and brothers of one human family. In the moments of fear and sadness, all religious people must stand together in solidarity and generous actions of religious unity in the name of humanity.

Though this senseless tragedy came on Easter morning, we all must remember, in the midst of this tragedy, that the essential message of Easter, as in the case of the major celebrations of other religions, is that the last word shall go to the forces of goodness, love and peace.

And may we all human sisters and brothers, in our own way, does not matter how small it may seem, work towards such a world. We cannot deny our common humanity!

SNMC Management