CBET Fundraising

Please donate to CBET on May 21 after Isha at SNMC masjid

Dear Brothers and Sisters, As Salamu Alykum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatuhu.

All of us  has an opportunity to help the needy and orphans with our Zakat , Sadaqa and earning  to CBET on May 21 Tuesday after Isha at SNMC masjid during this Ramadan. In Ramadan, we get 70 to 700 times more reward in this Dunya and life hereafter.

CBET, is a Canadian Registered Charity (Reg .No 80114 6101 RR0001). Already awarded to 1150 students from 2014 to 2019,  in Bangladesh, $200 each and 50 students in Ottawa, $500 each. and CBET  gives CRA Tax Receipts to donors.

Donate at online at cbet website by PayPal, MC, Visa or Amex and Change a life. 

Allah swt commands us in Surah al-ma ’un, Have you seen him who denies the Recompense? (1) That is, he who repulses the orphan (harshly) (2) And urges not on the feeding of the needy (3).

Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) said,  as reported by Sahl bin Sad (RA), I and the person, who looks after an Orphan and provides him, will be in paradise like  this,  putting his index and middle fingers together, Sahih Al-Bukhari. Narrated Abu Hurairah (RA), the prophet Muhamed (PBUH) said, the one who looks after a widow or a needy person, is like a mujahid, who fights in Allalh’s cause or like him who performs prayers all night and fasts all the day, Sahih Al-Bukhari

10 Benefits of Donating to a Registered Charity
1. Experience More Pleasure, donating money simply makes us feel better
2. Reduce Rates of Stress, improved happiness & health, who volunteer & donate
3. Help Others in Need, when we donate our money, we help others who need it.
4. Get a CRA Tax Deduction, we get back $30 for every $100 donation
5. Bring More Meaning to our Life, meet new people who believe in the same causes as us.
6. Promote Generosity in our Children, as they see us donating
7. Motivate Friends and Family, they may find themselves more motivated to donate.
8. Realize that Every Little Bit Helps, even one dollar
9. Improve Personal Money Management, if donate say $100 per month to a charity
10. Give, if we Can’t Volunteer, writing out a check is a simple way to help others.

With Salam, CBET team