First Furqan Fundraising Dinner (February 10, 2018)

AlFurqan Quran school started operation in 2003 with 1663 students in its after-school programs. Its aim was to teach the Holy Quran with precise pronunciation, using the rules of tajweed within a nurturing Islamic environment suited for children in the Canadian context.  Due to significant and consistently growing interest in the high-quality programs, the school has grown and now serves more than 350 students in two branches.  More advanced students have been able to transfer to the school’s full-time elementary program to complete memorization of the entire Quran.  Among the graduates of the full-time program, many have received certifications (ijazas) from Sheikh AbulQuds, an acclaimed holder of certifications in 10 qirat (major methods of quran recitatins).

The first annual fundraiser dinner will not only help the school raise funds to continue to grow to meet the community needs in the best possible way but it will also provide an enjoyable evening to help inspire community members, parents, family, and children.  Further details are included in the attached poster.

May Allah reward you for your help.