SNMC Spiritual: Fajr (6.00 am) and Isha (8.00 pm)

SNMC Spiritual: Fajr (6.30 am) and Isha (8.00 pm)

All of us together worked hard to build the SNMC community as well as the mortar & brick of the SNMC Centre & Masjid in the heart of Ottawa’s South-West for the last 20 years.

We also donated our hard earned money and gave our valuable time as volunteers. Nowadays, hundreds are moving to Barrhaven to join SNMC. Let us join Fajr at 6.00am and Isha at 8pm!

Anyone who performs Isha prayer in the masjid, he/she will be recorded as he/she was busy the whole night in Ibadah. Let us return home, have our dinner and join the Isha salah. Don’t forget, before going to work, let’s refresh our spirituality by performing Fajr with jamah at 6.00am. Over 100 brothers are coming daily, if we are determined, we will be inshaAllah able to do it.