SNMC Spiritual: Quran Memorization Tips

Quran Memorization Tips

  1. Select a good Quran online like
  2. Identify one Qari/Reciter to listen, such as Mahmud Khalil or Mishari Rashid
  3. Identify one Quran translation, Sahi International or Taqi Usmani
  4. Select the same Quran, when listening look at your own Quran
  5. Listen two times one verse and repeat
  6. Read translation and learn word by word for the verse
  7. Repeat 5 or 7 or 10 10 times one verse or for large verse a position of the verse
  8. Write it down, as we all read and write
  9. Establish a link  between two-three words by breaking large verse into 3-4  portions
  10. Establish a link between 3-4 small verses, by repeating one verse as like with the other
  11. Target to memorize only half page or one page in a day
  12. Revise what we memorized
  13. Balance new memorization and revising the memorized portion
  14. Late night or early morning  after or before Fajr good time to memorize