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SNMC Spiritual: Friday Prayer (Jumah Salah) and Parking Issues

Friday Prayer (Jumah Salah) and Parking Issues

In highlighting the importance of Friday (Juma), Allah SWT revealed a surah in the Quran, al-Jumu’ah, the day of Gathering. He shortened 4 Rakah Zuhr salah to 2 Rakah on Friday.

Listening to Jumah Khutbah is part of the prayer. Also, when a person enters for Jumah salah, an angel puts his/her name in a registered book, but as soon as Khateeb starts khutbah, they close the book and start listening.

Please let us plan for Jumah early and do not get our good deeds reduced by parking improperly blocking neighbors’ driveways or on both sides of narrow streets. Let’s show members of our community that Muslims are polite and courteous.

The City of Ottawa Officers will start issuing parking tickets for offenses violating parking bylaws on Fridays.